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KBC lottery winner 2020 List Is Upload Very Soon. We Hope Your Name Is In This List For This Kindly Recharge Your Mobile Sim Card. In kbcWinner 2020 You Don’t Need To Buy Any Ticket Or Lottery Number. Just Simply Recharge You be 0

‘re All India Mobile Sim Card For Taking Part In KBC All India Sim Card Winner List 2020.

Kbc Winner List 2020

No Jio KBC Lottery Winner List 2020 Lottery Amount Winner Phone Number
1 Ruhit sharma 35,00,0009897****52
2 Md Waseem Khan 25,00,00088781***96
3 Shusma Yadav 35,00,00075053****51
4 Javed Sheikh25,00,000 62840***87
5 Harpreet Kaur 35,00,000 9562****55
6 Haya khan 35,00,000 6284****31
7 Sajjad Ali bhora 25,00,000 7871****64
8 Mr.Mithon Kumar Sharma 25,00,000 881*****973 
9 Mr.Dhanjee Chuhan 25,00,000 717*****802 
10 Mr.Dharmendra Sharma 25,00,000 970*****377
11 Mr.Sangraam Lal 25,00,000 950*****117 
12 Mr.Ajay Sharma 35,00,000 970*****219
13 Mr.Sunil Pradhan 35,00,000 737*****758
14  Mr.Tejpal Sharma 25,00,000  950*****003
15 Mr.Qamar Masood 25,00,000 815*****312
16 Miss.Ruchi Malviya 25,00,000  808*****509
17  Mr.Gurnathan 25,00,000 848*****556
18Mr.Rahul Dashrate Awasrmor 25,00,000 976****271
19Miss.Rohtika sharma 35,00,000 970****219

Kbc Sim Card Winner 2020

Many Fake Calls Or Sms Came From Pakistani Number’s. That You Win All India Sim Card Lottery. And Kindly Send Tax To Our Bank Account For Getting Your Winning Prize In All India Kbc Sim Card Lottery Prize 2020. Avoid Such Types Of Calls And Sms If You Received Any Fake Or Fraud Call Contact With Our All India Kbc Sim Card Lottery Winner 2020 Helpline Number.

Watch Out From Fraud KBC Lottery. Calls:00923**** And +923***** are PAKISTANI. Numbers Don’t call on This Numbers.They are Doing Fraud in the name of KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati).

Be Careful:KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati ) KBC Lottery Winner, Idea Lottery Winners,Airtel Lottery Winners. K name par bahut se fraud calls Pakistan say a rahi hein jo k caller ka number 00923**** or +923**** say ya internet No +121 start hota hi. Ager ap ko bhi koi KBC 25 Lakhs ya 35 Lakhs Lottery k regarding call a rahi hi tu ap es ki report KBC Head Office Number Par karin Thanks.

If You Don’t Have Lottery Number.Then Don’t Worry You Can Get Correct Lottery On Our Head Office Whatsapp Number 00971566574167 .

Kbc 25 Lakh Winner

For More Info KBC HELPLINE Number 00971566574167


Same like original program aired in Great Britain, public members completed a qualification quiz which is conducted at the start of each season at various times and places in the year well known as “registration period”. The contestants will send a premium-rate SMS to a specified number and answer a question by replying. Contestants will go through a series of interviews before being aimlessly elected from a group of other expectant contestants and appearing on the stage in Fastest Finger First. The basic criterion for the selection is that the candidate must be residents and citizens of India and must have at least 18 years of age.

Fastest Finger First

The elected contestants are then taken to the studio to contest in Fastest Finger First where they will have to arrange four answers into the specified order in the shortest time span.

Game Theme

After selecting the winner of Fastest Finger First, they will have to face the host in the “Hot Seat” to initiate answering a series of multiple-choice questions on the passage to win the top cash prize as mentioned in the table below. During the game, the contestant is always free to walk away from the game with the winning amount but in case he answered wrong he will leave without having anything that is NOTHING they will have to answer correctly and achieve milestone question (highlighted in yellow) that position will definitely guaranteed some earning.

KBC 35 Lakh Winner

However in the fifth and sixth season, the contestants are asked to chose a threshold or “Padao” themselves. They were permitted to select any one question on the tree and designate that as a threshold amount. However in case they cross the threshold, they were guaranteed that amount of cash earning. Answering a a question wrong before the Padao is accessed will result in zero winnings.

Important News: For KBC Winners

New kbc lottery information center got established by KBC. It will assist as well as facilitate all KBC customers in upcoming years and for KBC lottery winner 2020 as well. Now you can ensure your lottery online all the way through it and stay confined from the fake calls. If you are not familiar with the procedure that how to check the lottery online then do call at lottery information center and acquire your registered lottery number and verify the lottery yourself at 00971566574167


Dear customer, first ensure yourself if you collect any call that is related to KBC lottery that either it’s real or bogus. To make you attentive, information is accessible on KBC official website associated to diverse type of fraud that people are doing by means of the name of KBC. Nowadays’ inhabitants are getting a lot of fake calls from the unidentified numbers so, if you collect any call or lottery number then notify at our kbc head office number right away.

Head Office Number

Call the KBC Helpline Number at any time without any hesitation. Feel free to contact at whats app number 00971566574167 for information and tips to join the KBC Lottery Winners List!


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