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Welcome to Jio KBC Official Website of Jio KBC Game Show.Jio KBC Game Show is India's top rated game show.KBC has deep roots in the hearts of Indian as well as people of some other countries.KBC is a presentation of Sony TV Network initially aired in July 2002.Jio KBC Lottery 2020 Now on its peak.KBC Official website is now live to serve you.
To save yourself from scamming and fraud please call us on our jio kbc head office whatsapp numbers provided on this website.

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Jio KBC Game Show | KBC Official

Jio KBC Game Show is India's most popular Lottery Game show among the all communities of India.Jio KBC is struggling to eradicate the poverty from Country. Jio KBC Official website is official portal of JIO KBC Game show which is owned by Sony TV Network.

            KBC Official Website ! We welcome all of you to the only on Official Website of KBC Game Show .KBC India is a most popular and very amazing Game Show of India. KBC has deep roots in the heart of Indian people. KBC is equally famous among the people of low class as well as middle class.

Jio KBC Lottery 2020

              India’s most popular game show has brought a new season of JIO KBC Lottery that is JIO KBC Lottery 2020.All information related to JIO KBC 2020 is available on Jio KBC Official Website. 

             DON’T WORRY! Jio KBC has a proper structure of whole of its lottery program. Jio KBC is offering lottery amount of 25,00,000/- to 7,00,00,000/- in various forms.JIO KBC Lucky winners win their Lottery amount by playing a few with KBC.

Jio KBC Seasons

             Jio KBC Game show as initially started in July 2002 and was aired on Sony TV.From 1st day to this time JIO KBC has successfully covered 12 seasons.Now a days 12th season of JIO KBC is going on on its peak.

         Peoples are winning Jio KBC Lottery on daily basis and cash their lottery instantly just by following some company rules.KBC is now providing a complete Online framework of JIo KBC Lottery 2020.

Jio KBC Official Lottery 2020

         As the KBC is very famous among the people of India some people are doing fraud on the name of JIO KBC Lottery to do fraud with innocent people.

          Please be aware of all kind of fraud and scamming on the name of KBC.So only visit the Jio KBC Official Website for the authentic news and updates of Jio KBC Lottery 2020.

              We are dedicated to going you the very best viewrs available updates about the current season updates,With a focus on Viewers’ interest ,Participants Results and Prize Winners Names on this KBC Official Website.                     

               Kbc Game Show has deep roots in different kind of community Poor rich and middles class gentries are too much interested in Jackpot Winning Contest.Is it interesting? So,Get ready to participate and grab your bumber prize through Contest Questions. 

               The KBC Game show is  much popular because of its Game Style and way of entertainment.So it is a great source of enjoyment as well as financial support. KBC and Sony Tv is making it more better and more easy for viewers because we make relations not only customers.

jio kbc official website

Jio KBC Lottery Official Winners 2020

               Hurrah! Great News for all Jio KBC Lottery Winners 2020 and KBC Lovers ! KBC Official Website is providing you all information related to Jio KBC Lottery 2020 and Jio Lottery Winners .

                Jio KBC Lottery winners 2020 now can check their lottery here and easily casch your Jio KBC Lottery 2020 amount online.

               KBC Official is making its best efforts to keep all its Lottery winners and Jio Lottery Information from all kind of scammers because some people are doing fraud on the name of KBC.

           Sony KBC Works for you because KBC Loves you and have a deep relation with its viewers. KBC and Sony both are Loves all KBC Customers because you are not only our customers but also our family members of KBC and Sony Family.

Jio KBC Official Lottery Winners 2020
Jio KBC Lottery Winners 2020
Jio KBC Official Website
jio kbc lottery winners
JIO KBC Official website
Jio KBC Lottery 2020
jio lottery winner 2020
Jio KBC Lottery 2020
Jio KBC Offical wrebsite
JIo KBC Lottery winners 2020

                   Don’t attend or receive the call from Pakistani numbers because Pakistani peoples are doing fraud on the name of KBC.Here are some Pakistani numbers like (0092******, +923******) and there are some internet numbers as well +121. 

                   They are doing fraud by using the above mentioned numbers by the name of Jio lucky draw 2020. If someone will call you and ask you to deposit money for tax/charges or whatever like this. So, you don’t have to deposit anything until you confirm from KBC Head Office

                    Dear Clients of Jio KBC  lottery 2020 it is important to tell you that many people are receiving fake calls in these days. There are few scammers who try to use some people to get money and to improve their financial position. 

                     In other words, you can say the Jio KBC lottery winners 2020 scam is back. You can judge the scammers very easily because they will demand to deposit money in their personal accounts.

                    They may send you an email or SMS alert to show you that they are official jio officers. We warn you to protect yourself from all these kinds of frauds that is the only reason we established a jio lottery information center here. 

                    Now you can check your KBC jio lottery 2020 online by using our website. You can also check your name in our provided official Jio Lottery Winners List 2020. If you are not registered in jio Lottery yet then don’t delay call us right away and get your official KBC Jio Lottery Winner 2020 List.

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Dear Customer follow the following instructions to save yourself from Jio Lottery fraud 2020:

  1. Please don’t deposit or transfer money in accounts of that persons who call you from international numbers or Pakistani numbers or which are note officially authorized from the KBC Official Website.
  2. Kindly follow the instructions only provided on the KBC Official Website (
  3. Kindly don’t do anything until you check your Jio lottery in our database.
  4. For your safety don’t follow any guideline which is given by any anonymous person over the call until you confirm by calling on KBC Jio Head Office on this number


  5. You don’t need to take any action if you don’t have an authentic lottery number with you which will be provided by an authorized officer of Jio Lottery Winner.
  6. Kindly don’t visit any website which will be provided by any anonymous person over the phone because they are doing fraud on the name of KBC.
  7. For any complaint or query just call on our KBC Head Office Whatsapp Numbers provided on this KBC official website.
  8. Company cares for you becasuse we consider you as our family member.
  9. Sony and KBC both are making struggle so that every winner should be kept safe.


                  Due to the high ranking of KBC Show many peoples are using the name of KBC to do fraud and call you on  WhatsApp number and will give you good news that your name is listed in Jio Lottery Winner 2020 or Idea Lottery Winner or Vodafone Lottery or JIO KBC Lottery Winners etc. 

                  They will ask you to deposit some money in their accounts for some kind of tax or charges to their bank accounts. But it is necessary to aware you that if you receive such type of calls you have to take immediate action and call at Jio KBC head office WhatsApp number which is.

                                         Jio KBC Head Office Number Mumbai


jio kbc official website

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